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The case can be made that “Baby Got Back” is commendable for the way it dismisses Eurocentric beauty standards.

Of course, no song floats in a vacuum; they all exist in a world where the music industry is still largely run by men and where it’s a lot more common, and socially acceptable, to hear a woman on the radio objectify herself than for her to objectify a man.

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This meant that producers Broccoli & Saltzman would be showcasing the third actor to play James Bond in a four year period!

After the fall out of the casting of Lazenby in OHMSS, it was agreed that a established actor was needed this time around.

It can range from the subtle, say the way The Beach Boys’ “California Girls” fetishizes women from a particular state in the union, to the more obvious “Baby Got Back,” in which Sir Mix-A-Lot airs his fixation on a certain (arguably fascinating) body part.

On its own, in perfect laboratory conditions, lyrical statements of thirst made by men and addressed to women aren’t necessarily harmful.

While Felix Leiter is back on good charming form in the hands of Hedison (a real life friend of Moore and it shows).

Problems elsewhere, though, stop this from being a great Bond movie.

Timothy Dalton was mooted, as he was for OHMSS (he was never offered the role though until 1986), but it came down to just two actors, Roger Moore & Michael Billington.

Billington would screen test for the role of 007 a few times in his life but never landed the coveted role, as a sweetener he got to play a minor character in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me.

The decision to pitch Bond into a world of voodoo is a good one, and it was not, as some believe, an attempt to grasp the tails of the Blacksploitation market that had made waves in the early 70s.

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